Coated Abrasives

Aluminium Oxide (A) General Purpose


Straight / Tapered Cup Wheels For Masonry (Stone and concrete)

Flap Discs Aluminium Oxide (A) General Purpose
Type 27 or Type 29 General purpose Flap Discs offers most economic and smooth polishing solution for widest range of metal (steel, iron) applications.
Straight / Tapered Cup Wheels For Masonry (Stone and concrete)
T27 T29 Dimension(mm) Max. Speed Standard Packing
Art.N o. Art.N o. Min.Dia. Bore  R.P.M. M/S Pcs/Wrap Pcs/Ctn Kg/Ctn
217+Grit No. 218+Grit No. 100 16(5/8") 15300 80 10 200 15
211+Grit No. 212+Grit No. 115 22.23(7/8") 13300 80 10 200 17
213+Grit No. 214+Grit No. 125 22.23(7/8") 12200 80 10 100 19
215+Grit No. 216+Grit No. 180 22.23(7/8") 8500 80 5 50 12
Grits:24,36,40,60,80,100,120,150,180,240,320 Abrasives: (A) Aluminium Oxide
Abrasive Cloth: GXK51 (Other Available Abrasive Cloth According to ordering)

T27 / Flat-Used when working on flat grinding surfaces. Most efficienty when used between 0-15°angle. The best choice for smooth finishing. T29 / Conical-Built in angle for grinding, flaps are angled at 10 degrees. This angle is excellent for contour and edge work,It also provides greater surface contact and is more aggressive. Best at more dramstic angle of 15-25°